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HIB District Policy & Form

At the August 2 meeting of the Board of Education, the HIB district policy was approved.  As the first step in this process a district Anti-Bullying Coordinator and Anti-Bullying Specialists for each school was assigned.  As we implement this initiative we are committed to providing a safe and nurturing learning environment for ALL students.

  • Full text of the policy -   Harassment Intimidation and Bullying Policy below
  • Click below for the HIB Reporting Form


Anti-bullying Coordinator:     Anthony Servis
                                             542 Grand Avenue
                                             Leonia, New Jersey 07605
                                             201- 302- 5200   Ext. 4200
                                             [email protected]

LHS Anti-bullying Specialist: Kelsey Wilson
                                              100 Christie Heights Street
                                              Leonia, New Jersey 07605                                             
                                              201 302-5200   Ext. 5214

LMS Anti-bullying Specialist: Kelly Whalen
                                              500 Broad Avenue
                                              Leonia, New Jersey 07605
                                              201- 302-5200   Ext. 3204 
                                              [email protected]

ACS Anti-bullying Specialist: : Jacqueline Almeida
                                               100 Highland Street
                                               Leonia, New Jersey 07605
                                               201-302-5200   Ext. 2209
                                              [email protected]