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Anthony Servis

Anthony Servis, M.A.
Certified School Psychologist
Supervisor of Special Services
(201) 302-5200 Ext. 4200 Email

Fax#:  201-947-7295


The LHS Annex (formerly the Early Childhood Center) is the new home of the Leonia High School Applied Behavior Analysis Program. The goal of the LHS ABA is to prepare our students to live independently, hold a meaningful job, continue their education, and contribute productively to society after their public education. In order to meet this goal, we have structured our program so that the students may work on academic, pre-vocational, and home living skills during the school day.


The Annex is designed to replicate a home, school, and office environment. We structured the inside of the Annex so that we have a classroom space to teach academic programming, office space to teach pre-vocational skills, and various room replications of a home (bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc) in order to teach independent living skills.