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Leonia Schools … There’s an app for that! Posted: Fri, June 7, 2013

         Leonia Schools             … There’s an app for that!    Leonia School District now has a new app available on the iPhone,...
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Great News! 

I am so pleased to announce that last evening, the Leonia Board of Education and the Leonia Education Association reached a tentative agreement pending Board approval and Association ratification.  Congratulations to both parties - they worked diligently and cooperatively to reach this Memorandum of Agreement.

Joanne Megargee 

Welcome to April:

     April Showers Bring May Flowers – so goes the children’s rhyme. From my office, I can see green buds and flowering trees. Most of all, I can hear the sounds of laughter and talk, as the students of the high school pass by my window. Isn’t spring great?

     Speaking of April, as you know, we are a field-test district for the PARCC Assessments. So far, testing is going smoothly. We had some kinks to iron-out in technology and some learning curves in procedural directions, but all-in-all; we’re pleased with the experience and the chance to participate prior to a year of mandated implementation. While we will not receive the end results, participating in this pilot gives us an opportunity to review protocols and procedures in implementing a technology-enhanced high-stakes assessment.

     Testing doesn’t stop with PARACC Field Test. Access for ELL’s and Grade 7 and Grade 8 NJASK are scheduled for April with AP Testing beginning in May.

    Save the date:  April 28th - Parent Workshop co-sponsored by the Leonia Board of Education and the Joint Home & School Associations – Managing your Child’s Digital Footprint – A workshop presented by Patrick Higgins designed to help parents (7:00 pm LHS Little Theater):

      • Understand social media’s impact on their children
      • Identify what their children are looking at
      • Help create a positive footprint for their children

  The High School Music Department is off to Chicago April 3 -6 – wish them well!

     In Our Schools – ACS: Kindergarten Orientation on April 22 and the Art Show and Young Writer’s Celebration on April 28. Visit the elementary music concert for grades 4 and 5 on April 30th. LMS: H&S meeting is on April 10th at 9:00 am and the Jog-a-thon is scheduled for April 24. LHS: Science, Music and World Languages Honor Society Inductions (check the community calendar) and the National Honor Society Induction is scheduled for April 24 at 7:00.

Enjoy the sounds of spring,

Joanne Megargee

Dear Parents/Guardians:

The New Jersey Department of Education has released the annual New Jersey School Performance Reports for schools in New Jersey.  This is the second year of this format which links schools with peer schools across the state.  Peer schools are connected through similar percentages of Special Education, Limited English Proficient and free and reduced lunch students.  Previously, the New Jersey Report Cards compared districts by socioeconomic indicators (District Factor Groups – DFG), such as education, employment, and economic levels of local residents.  Our three schools have some similar and some different peer schools in comparison.  Each school has different performance targets to meet and our professional goals, both building and individual are based on those targets.

In Commissioner Cerf’s letter he shares that “These reports are designed to provide meaningful data to school and district staff in a range of areas, from state test scores to arts participation, in order to drive improvement at the local level.”

We are proud of our schools’ accomplishments and the work that is done each and every day by our talented and dedicated students, teachers, support staff and administrators.  Parental support plays such an important role in the success that we speak of and I thank you for that support.

You can access the Performance Reports through our website below and you can view performance reports for all schools in New Jersey on the NJDOE website at http://education.state.nj.us/pr.

Please be sure to read the School Performance Report Interpretive Guide also available on the NJDOE website for some insight.

Thank you and have a pleasant day,

Joanne Megargee

ACS 12-13 Reportcard     
LMS 12-13 Reportcard     
LHS 12-13 Reportcard    

News to Share:

The Board of Education recognizes the good work of our outgoing Board members, Patricia Fromholtz and John Kendrick.   We thank them for their years of service and their support to the Leonia School District.  Pat served a few months short of 18 years and John served two terms.  The Board of Education welcomes new Board members, Julie Diemer and Archer Irby.  We look forward to their input and participation.

The Board of Education congratulations Mrs. Jeanette Scillieri, Leonia Middle School Science Teacher, as a recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science.  The PAEMST are the highest honors bestowed to a K-12 mathematics and science teacher in this country.  This year the National Science Foundation and the President’s committee have named Jeanette as one of the 108 top science teachers in the country.  Congratulations Jeanette.

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