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Payroll & Benefits

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Patricia Brennan
201-302-5200 Ext-1208 | Email
Fax # - 201-461-0218


  • Flexible Spending plans

Dental Enrollment Forms

  • Dental enrollment form. A new form needs to be filled out when (birth, marriage, divorce) occurs. Summary of Benefits –what is covered under the dental plan

Health Forms

  • Health Benefits/Enrollment Form/Plan Summaries

Payroll/Direct Deposit Directions

  • Please click on the link, log in with your Leonia Google account to access the Payroll/Direct Deposit Directions. Thank You.

Plan Connect 403b Salary Reduction Agreement/Plan Advisors

  • 403b/457b salary reduction agreement form List of all 403b/457 plans and advisors

W4 Form

  • All new hires need to fill this out to be paid. A new W-4 should be filled out for marriage, birth, divorce.