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Sometimes, community members contact individual board members about personal issues. When that happens, board members will rightfully encourage the community member to follow the chain of command (Found Below) —which typically begins with the classroom teacher and progresses through the hierarchy. Simultaneously, the Board Member will alert the Superintendent about the issue. Thinking that contacting a Board member means "going right to the top" actually complicates rather than alleviates any problem or issue. Going around or over the school staff creates morale problems and puts board members outside their area of responsibility. When the chain of command is used properly by citizens and board members, it improves communication and leaves the Board of Education free to act as the final arbiter on issues that have not been resolved at other steps in the chain. To determine who best should handle a matter or question, ask yourself, "Who is closest to the problem?" Most often, the answer is a staff member. Bringing your concern to a teacher or principal will quickly get a response. If this is not the case, the next step is to seek out the Superintendent. As a final step in this process, concerns can be brought before the Board.

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