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English Language Arts Department

Welcome to the English Language Arts Website.
Supervisor: Laurence Gander, EdD.

Welcome to the English Language Arts Department. This page supports teachers, students, and parents for grades six through twelve.


Our philosophy for literacy education extends many of the same learning tenants introduced to our learners in their primary years: balanced literacy and a love of reading. Students are encouraged to speak with the confidence and eloquence of those who are well-read, write with the command and rhetoric of gifted orators, and read like tireless, risk-taking writers.


Leonia teachers design lesson plans using the NJSLS aligned district curriculum. This curriculum is designed using units that may or may not be taught in the order listed in the guide. Pacing may be adjusted based on specific class/student need.


We welcome the opportunity for others to view the courses that we offer. You will find the district curriculum here.


For information about Reading and Writing in grades pre-k through five, please refer to the Anna C. Scott School.