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Safety & Security Committee


The Leonia School District has taken a proactive approach to evaluating the current level of security by having several public and private assessments of security conducted. In the spring of 2018, the NJDOE/OHSP conducted a security assessment and issued a report and recommendations. At the start of the 2018-19 school year, the Leonia Board of Education approved an assessment to be conducted by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office as well as this assessment report and recommendations by Shield32 Security Consulting, a private unaffiliated consulting firm. Both the NJDOE report and the Shield32 reports highlight many positive initiatives underway that will enhance the security of this district in addition to actionable recommendations to consider to address both immediate and long-term measures to improve security. District leadership has made school security a priority while understanding that careful consideration of the needs and desires of community stakeholders is necessary. At the cornerstone of effective security, operations are comprehensive safety, security, and emergency operations planning. Plans must be established by a team of stakeholders and must address all hazards. Once established, plans must be disseminated to staff and emergency partners and reviewed and updated continuously. A copy of the School Safety and Security Plan, drill records and related documents are provided annually to school district staff. The drill records and security plans are reviewed for compliance with NJ Drill Laws and NJDOE School Safety and Security Plans Requirements.




While procedures and technology are important tools, there is no substitute for carefully selected and well-trained security personnel. Accordingly, in 2018, the Leonia Board of Education started our School Security Officer (SSO) program. Today, SSO’s, all of which are retired law enforcement officers, are stationed in all three school buildings during and after school hours.



Technology can greatly improve security operations, target hardening, communications, and responses. The key to effective use of security technology is consistent, application, training, and testing of these platforms. In the Leonia School District, all buildings visitors must enter through the main entrance and use our Raptor visitor management system. The Raptor System provides an instant check on all visitors to the school buildings and will generate a pass for the visitor to wear at all times while accompanied through the building.


Lastly, regarding technology, the School District has recently installed over 160 new security cameras throughout the three schools, and fire, burglar, intrusion, and motion detection systems are in place in all schools. All security alarms and technology have backup power and operate 24/7.


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